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wilted rose and tender sunshine

i have started to count the days until school starts and not because i am looking forward to it but because i am trying to hold on to the days i have left in freedom with my children. . . … Continue reading

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midwest allure

my husband and i are having a debate as we drive across the vast plains of iowa…”what, technically, is the midwest?”. i say, no way does it include the plains of iowa and nebraska, he says it absolutely does. thank … Continue reading

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it’s all about the journey

“are we there yet?” my four year old starts asking 5 minutes from home…. my childhood road trips were spent on the floorboards behind my aunts driver seat playing dolls with my cousin. Seat belts were just something we tucked … Continue reading

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get your feet wet

it is a brisk summer morning and the pool is still as glass. six kids, all nine and ten, stand on their blocks staring at the man in the black and white striped shirt, waiting. . . they look determined, … Continue reading

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to be home. . .

home is the place where love creeps in and fills each crevice. you often find it where you least expect or need it the most. . . when i arrived home last night from nine days away, i fell in … Continue reading

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any shoes are perfect shoes for today…..

the past two days have been some of the most memorable of my life. andra and lindsey finally arrived, minus zoe; after the airport trauma zoe headed for home and was too emotionally drained to head back when andra and … Continue reading

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what shoes do you wear when YOU do good in the world?

i am always amazed at how many people put on their athletic shoes, roll up their sleeves and do good in the world.  i mean really do good. we are a small drop in the ocean of life.  we can … Continue reading

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