105 degrees and climbing

the temperature gauge keeps climbing as we make our way further south. it hits it’s stride as we cross the border into texas. . .101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106. . .up and up it crawls. it is a hot dry summer in texas and we are heading into the thick of it. as we pull into the drive at 9:30pm, it is a balmy 98 degrees. the kids pop out of their seats and bee line for the house and the cousins that arrived a day earlier. we live a mere 10 minutes from my sister and her three kids yet we drive across the country to meet in the heat of texas. . . in august?

in the morning we will be greeted by the heat but more importantly, we will be awoken to the beauty of the sun shining on the massive lake that will be void of any other, or very very few, boaters and jet skiers. we will have the gigantic lake to ourselves.


it is 105 and if you stand still too long in the sun you can feel the weight of the heat pressing down on you. at 105 you want to be on vacation so nothing dictates your time or place. at 105, you want to be near water. . .

so why leave the beautiful colorado summer for the stifling texas heat? it may sound crazy but it’s a no-brainer, texas lakes are perfect for uncrowded relaxed summer fun.


my oldest son told me i should write about the top 5 things to do in texas when it’s 105 (i think he just wants his tubing photo posted). so, here is our take on how to beat the texas heat:

1). swim. when you are tired, swim some more. swim anywhere there is water. jump off the boat like you did when you were a kid, play marco polo in the pool, you have the best excuse, it’s darn hot and the water is perfect!



2). tube. whenever. the lake is screaming for you to jump in its bathtub temperature water and the lack of traffic makes you scream for faster….bigger air. it’s like you are at the dew tour (have you ever been to this extreme sports spectacular? you should, it’s a riot) only your on a tube and your the one doing the tricks!


3). relax at a country club. texans do country clubs like nothing I have ever seen before; they are everywhere and they do it right! endless horizons of umbrellas, beautiful pools and free vodka cranberries delivered poolside? you almost forget how hot it is!

4). water balloon fights. toss them on the ground, toss them at your brothers or maybe just dump the balloons and soak each other with the hose. who cares what gets wet, it will dry faster than you can blink your eyes anyway!

5). stay inside. eat, drink, work on a puzzle, play a game. . .whatever sounds good in the cool of the air conditioning. when you are on vacation and the temperatures draw you inside together, take advantage!

6). i know i said top 5 but i have one more! explore! when you are waterlogged, it’s a fun break for everyone! here are a few of our favorites. . .

visit the wineries. they are air-conditioned, kid friendly and some of their wines might really surprise you. my new texas favorite is dry comal creek – their rose and french colombard “bone dry” both taste amazing on a hot texas day. there are many texas gems, don’t believe me? give them a go and let me know!


how about a drive thru zoo? it’s true! it’s fun no matter how old you are and don’t worry the animals come to you whether you like it or not!


and their off! the cloud cover on a saturday morning beckoned us to gillepse park in fredricksburg to watch the horses race. who knew a catalog of funny horse names, jockey’s in bright colors and a $2 bet could be so fun? “run endless summer run!”


I was on the phone with my niece the other day after this last diversion from the heat….

me: we went to luckenbach texas today!
kate: where?
me: you know waylon and willie and the boys?
kate: no
me: i thought you said you like country music?
kate: i do!
me: hmmmmm 38-17=21 years…..ok, i’ll cut her a break this once.

Ok so maybe this wouldn’t be fun for just anyone but those of you who know the only two things in life that make it worth living. . .this is just the place for you!

surrounded and encased with old oak trees filled with crowing roosters is the small preserved town of luckenbach texas. with live music everyday and beer flowing freely, you can almost feel waylon and willie sitting next to you. what a blast-cowboy boots and cowboy hats, cheesy memorabilia. . .oh yes, it’s a must!


when you are done exploring the water will be waiting patiently for your return. . .


each time we head out on the water i realize that there is something magical about a lake. i remember it from my childhood and i have cherished finding that magic again with my kids. the cares of life seem to wash away with the sunrise. the laughter of brothers enjoying each others company seems to greet us at the waters edge and hold us tight through the heat of the day. we stay up way too late, eat way too much and indulge in memories that I hope will last a lifetime. . .or more realistically, hold them through our 13 hour drive back home tomorrow, i know it will hold me.

lake feet: feet that scream for simplicity and calm. feet that greet you with serenity as you relax the lazy days away and even beg you to forget that your running shoes are in the closet. go ahead. . .kick em up!

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